New CP Research

We believe knowledge is power.

When parents have access to the latest medical research, they can advocate for their child’s needs more effectively.  

They can:

  • ask better questions,
  • communicate more effectively with healthcare providers; and
  • make more informed decisions about their child’s care and their child’s future.

Does physical activity result in better sleep?

Does higher physical activity during the day result in better sleep for children with cerebral palsy? And, does better sleep during the night result in higher physical activity the following day? For parents managing their…

Should nerve surgery be considered in non-ambulant children?

Aside from medication and physiotherapy, parents of children with cerebral palsy may be interested in surgical management of their child’s spasticity (abnormal muscle tightness). Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) is a common nerve surgery which could…

Is baclofen the least worst option for spasticity management in children?

Spasticity refers to abnormal muscle tightness due to prolonged muscle contraction, and is seen in individuals with neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy. As many parents know, dealing with their child’s spasticity can be challenging….

Is There Effective Medication for Dystonia?

Dyskinetic cerebral palsy is a subtype of cerebral palsy that is characterized by involuntary muscle contractions that cause abnormal posturing and movements. Dystonia and Choreoathetosis, both of which are characterised by involuntary or repetitive movements,…

How parents cope with their child’s brain injury

Ever wonder if your emotional response to dealing with your child’s cerebral palsy is similar to how other parents respond? This study reviews the responses of parents whose children have been enrolled in an early…

What is the latest research on using umbilical cord blood derived cell therapy as treatment for newborns who sustain brain injuries?

When a baby is born with a brain injury, due to asphyxia, infection, stroke or prematurity, the blood from the umbilical cord can be collected and infused into the baby as a form of treatment….

Can the use of virtual reality improve motor function in children with cerebral palsy?

Who says therapy can’t be fun?  This study provides scientific data that incorporating virtual reality into therapy can improve motor function in children with cerebral palsy.   In fact, one of the primary benefits of this…

CP Smile Project

The CP Smile Project is a community project that helps ensure children with cerebral palsy have access to recreational opportunities that allow them to engage in play and community involvement. We give monthly bursaries to families to help them provide the support needed for their child to engage in play and have fun.