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Travel is something that currently doesn’t really exist for William, but it does exist for the rest of us. We don’t travel a lot and I wouldn’t call our travel “vacation.” Our travel is limited to travelling for work and travelling for the girls’ sports. When William was small, we did take him on holiday

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Parking lot with full with trucks

Amazon Over My Boy

It would be very easy for me to focus on all the daily hurdles that exist in my world of parenting a boy with exceptionalities. There are so many triggering events every single day that send negative thoughts rolling through my conscious mind, and I have to ask … why him? When William is hungry

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Child with his tutor looking at him kindly

Self Care

Over the years self care has evolved, changed, shifted and been non-existent. Self care has often felt selfish, exhausting, overwhelming but now…it feels sacred. No matter where I am at with self care, it is always the thing that makes my world feel in total balance or totally out of control. Every single day is

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A baby laying down with his little puppy


I have had many dear friends through the different seasons of my life and I’m acutely aware that in my current season, it takes a warrior to stand by my side. Despite my recent decision to blog about my life of raising a child with special needs and his two sisters, I keep our personal

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A little boy in his mother's arms in a farm

Our Farm

In the early years on our farm we adopted some goats and a livestock guardian dog, Rosie, to protect them and our girls. This was a huge learning curve for us city slickers. Rosie is a Great Pyrenees and this breed is one of a kind. I am a huge animal lover and grew up

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A nice boy in a wheelchair

Hearing Aid Sunday

After months of appointments, fittings and trials, William’s hearing aids had arrived. We booked the final appointment to head down to Victoria to have them set just right for him. We didn’t get anything particularly fancy but they are shiny blue for our little man. Our appointment was on a Friday so traffic wasn’t the

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Mother looking happy with her son and her horse

Keeping Dreams Alive

While I was pregnant with William, Bear and I decided to move. After losing our daughter we both felt suffocated living in Victoria. We were both born and raised there, had an amazing friend group, most of our family was around and our careers were well established there. Although we are forever grateful to our

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