Advice & Support Connect with families – just like yours

Connect with families
- just like yours

You are not alone.
Being surrounded by parents in a similar situation can be comforting and a great opportunity to learn and share information. That's why we created the CP Support Canada Facebook Parent Group.

We are a network of families across Canada caring for children with cerebral palsy. We provide friendship and support to one another, share knowledge and experiences, and are a resource for valuable insights and practical advice from other parents who are in similar circumstances.

Our goal is to help one another not only to cope with the unique challenges of caring for a child with cerebral palsy but to see each other thrive. To celebrate the small victories and find strength in our common cause.

Our culture of caring provides a safe and comfortable environment for parents to ask questions, share their story and forge meaningful friendships along the way.

We are stronger together - please join our community.


Disclaimer: This is a private Facebook group meant for parents of children with cerebral palsy. You will be prompted with questions before being accepted into the group. Please note that while every effort is made to screen individuals before they join our group, we do not actively monitor group conversations and activities.

CP Smile Project

The CP Smile Project is a community project that helps ensure children with cerebral palsy have access to recreational opportunities that allow them to engage in play and community involvement. We give monthly bursaries to families to help them provide the support needed for their child to engage in play and have fun.