Post-term Pregnancy

Post-term Pregnancy

Where a pregnancy is longer than 294 days, or 42 weeks, it is described as a post-term pregnancy. It may also be described as a post-dates or prolonged pregnancy.

Dating a pregnancy is not an exact science.  A due date (which is the beginning of the 40th week of pregnancy) is calculated from the first day of a pregnant woman’s last menstrual period or from the information provided on an ultrasound scan in early pregnancy. While these methods are both still estimates, the most reliable assessment of the estimated due date is by an early ultrasound performed in the first trimester – between 7-14 weeks.

The best way to avoid the risks associated with a post-term pregnancy is to undergo an early ultrasound to accurately assess the gestational age of the unborn baby

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The CP Smile Project is a community project that helps ensure children with cerebral palsy have access to recreational opportunities that allow them to engage in play and community involvement. We give monthly bursaries to families to help them provide the support needed for their child to engage in play and have fun.