Newborn Resuscitation

Newborn Resuscitation

When a baby is born, the baby will lose his or her oxygen supply from the placenta. Most babies then start breathing on their own and crying is a sign that they are breathing well and that their heart is beating. When babies do not appear to be breathing normally or appear very floppy and pale, then urgent assessment and intervention is required.

Newborn or neonatal resuscitation usually involves moving a baby to a resuscitaire radiant warmer. This is a special bed that can warm a baby and has breathing equipment to help support resuscitation efforts. A baby may initially be dried and stimulated and then breaths can be given via a mask. The breaths provide a small amount of positive pressure to help open up the airways.

In some cases, these efforts to establish effective ventilation are not effective, and the health care team must place an endotracheal tube or laryngeal mask to provide effective ventilation into the baby’s lungs. The standards for new born resuscitation require that this be done within the first 2 minutes of life.

Additional support may also be required if the baby does not respond to effective ventilation, including chest compressions and the administration of certain medications.

Whenever there are any warning signs that a baby may have been in distress during labour or may need additional support after birth, it is important that additional health care providers, such as a pediatrician, neonatal nurse and/or respiratory therapist, are notified in advance and are standing by, prepared to assist with the resuscitation at birth.

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