Delivery by Caesarean Section

Delivery by Caesarean Section

A caesarean section involves delivering a baby by making an incision in the abdomen and uterus of a pregnant woman through which a baby can be delivered. In some cases, a caesarean section is planned (elective). The reasons for an elective caesarean section include:

  • The baby is in a breech position (feet first);
  • The placenta is low-lying;
  • Multiple gestation;
  • Pregnancy-related high blood pressure;
  • Infections which may affect the baby if born vaginally;
  • Previous caesarean sections or surgery on the uterus;
  • The baby appears large relative to the size of the pelvis of the pregnant woman;
  • The pregnant woman chooses to have a caesarean section for personal reasons.

In some circumstances a caesarean section is non-elective. The reasons for a non-elective caesarean section include:

  • Fetal distress;
  • Ineffective uterine contractions;
  • Failure to progress;
  • Obstructed labour (i.e. due to cephalopelvic disproportion).

In Canada, approximately 28% of all births are by caesarean section. This rate is increasing every year.

It is important that the pregnant woman is fully informed of the risks and benefits of delivering her baby vaginally or by caesarean section so that she can make an informed decision on how she wishes to give birth.

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